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1 ZONE Guide

1ZONEEnergy Paradigm
Human kind cannot survive a single day without energy. Throughout the changes in the history of energy use, the meaning of energy is understood, and the global-scale energy crisis due to energy depletion is understood as the visitors use the renewable energy facilities to produce and experience the renewable energy.

Think Energy
Five most representative models of different eras are exhibited to show how the energy technology and use evolved over human history (primitive power - natural power - steam power - electric power - nuclear energy - renewable energy (panels)).
Renewable Energy

Small hydro power Move the water! - Small hydro power plant model

Wind Power Blow the wind - Wind power energy comparison depending on the blade

Fuel Cell Let's complete a fuel cell.

Bio Energy Let's generate electricity using waste materials.

Energy Crisis
Energy Crisis   The era of energy crisis, Lift up energy consumption


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