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Domestic cases

Cases of Green Energy in Korea See the successful implementation cases of green energy facilities utilizing the energies obtained from nature and sustainable technology

Green Tomorrow

A futuristic house model that generates all of the energy the building uses, improving energy efficiency and sustainability at the same time, realizing zero energy by improving the efficiency of the building and adopting zero-emission IT technology that compensates for the CO2 emission during the construction and demolition phases. With the environmentally-friendly technology and energy efficiency, the Green IT that creates the comfortable living space for human being has been realized in this building.

  • ㆍLocation : 1026-1, Joong-dong, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyounggi-do (Yongin Dongbaek Area)
  • ㆍSize : 2 Pavilions, 676㎡ (Promotion Hall 276㎡, Exhibition Hall 400㎡)

Zener Heim, Hwasung, Gyounggi-do

The first zero energy consumption housing complex with 333 houses is located within Dongtan Prugio Heim Complex. The complex uses not only the passive technologies that reduce the consumption of energy, it uses the active technologies that generate renewable energy using solar, geothermal, and wind power.

Climate Change Research Facility, National Institute of Environmental Research

Completed on 2011. 4. 22

  • ㆍLocation : Inside the Comprehensive Environmental Research Complex
  • ㆍSize : Site 4,900㎡, Gross floor area 2,330㎡, 2,500㎡ (2 buildings)
  • ㆍCharacteristics :
    871 units of photo-voltaic modules installed on the exterior walls The energy demand for the complex is served by the solar energy and the geothermal energy. There are 66 systems designed to save energy, and each desk geothermal equipped with a sensor to control the lighting. The office building does not consume any fossil fuel such as petroleum or emit any carbon, which is the main cause of global warming.

Zero-carbon Post Office

  • ㆍLocation : Sampyoung-dong, Sungnam-si, Gyounggi-do
  • ㆍSize : Site 1,000m², Gross floor area 500m²
  • ㆍCharacteristics :
    Minimization of energy consumption through passive technologies. The demand for the energy is served via photo-voltaic power sources to realize zero-carbon emission over the entire year.

Zero-energy Solar House

Completed : 2009. 4

  • ㆍLocation : Inside the Technical Research Institute, Hanyu Chemical, Daejeon
  • ㆍCharacteristics :
    The building is designed to use solar heat and geothermal energy to provide heating and air conditioning, while the demand for electricity is served by the photo-voltaic panels. Approximately 70% of the entire energy demand for this building is served with these technologies.

Pilot Green Home Zero Houses

Completed : 2009. 7

  • ㆍLocation : Gwacheon, Gyounggi-do
  • ㆍCharacteristics :
    Uses renewable energy sources high-efficiency thermal insulation and window technologies. No external energy provision is required to maintain the building. On the roof top of the building, there is a 2.7kW solar power generator and 8.16㎡ solar heat collector. The building is capable of generating 300kW/h of electricity each month and covers its heating and air-conditioning demands through geothermal energy.