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We will present a futuristic, energy-independent architectural model to share the dream of the sunshine-city.

Welcome to the website of Seoul Energy Dream Center.

The office of Seoul Energy Dream Center is the first-ever energy-independent building in Korea and is set to become a role-model of zero energy house construction for the entire world.

As you visit our Dream Center that is surrounded by the evergreen Pyonghwa Park, the secrets of green technology used in our zero energy housing will be revealed to you. In this center, the inspiration for the pin-wheel model derives from the traditions of Asia that is used with technology of today. You cas also see the latest renewable energy and enjoy various energy-themed experiential attractions.

The experiential education area is a place where wisdom for energy saving can be shared and discussed by the entire spectrum of the community ranging from pre-school children to experts. It is in this area where the zero energy technology is presented in a fun and exciting, yet informative pace to our guests.

It is our wish to invite you to our campus, which is the best place to see, feel, touch, and learn about the future energy-related technologies so that the dreams of new energy may grow.

Seoul Energy Dream Center is a place of learning, understanding, sharing, and communication on the theme of green technology, which will reside in your memory for years to come. We appreciate your support and interest in our center.

Thank you!