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2 ZONE Guide

2ZONE Energy Dream
Provides an integrated map of Seoul Energy Dream Center, which is the first-ever energy independent building in Korea. Visitors may check out the zero energy which are used in this building, as well as the eight core technologies that are used in many places within the building.

Zero-energy Building
Secrets of zero energy, hidden secretes of zero energy building, special construction process (video + audio material)
Inside the zero energy building – 360-degree miniature
Renewable energy

High efficiency heat insulation system

  • ㆍ3-layer window system - Touch the 3-layer window and the normal window to feel the difference in the thermal transfer rate
  • ㆍMotorized blind system - Real model with the thermal image to compare the heat transmission rate
  • ㆍGeothermal air-conditioning/heating system - Shows the geothermal heating/air-conditioning system working during summer and winter seasons
  • ㆍHeat recovery ventilation system - Demonstrates the principles of the ventilation system utilizing the waste heat
  • ㆍAutomatic lighting control system - Comparison of the LED Power consumption and the principle of the lighting system
Zero-energy Monitoring
Real-time monitoring of the zero energy system, explanation on the solar power generation system, and explanation on the construction of the energy zero system and the rainwater recycling system

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