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3 ZONE Guide

3ZONE Energy Dream City
Experience the world in total darkness yourself to realize how important it is to save energy. Build your own zero energy house and provide a space of communication and sharing the campaign of Get rid of a nuclear power plant and other energy saving campaigns.

Black Out
A simulated blackout situation and how to respond to such a situation
* What is a blackout?
A blackout is caused by a severe fluctuation in the voltage and frequency in a power grid. Even in a part of the area, if the power usage exceeds the power supply, the voltage and the frequency in the entire grid is significantly degraded. If this stops the system that manages the grid itself, the entire grid grinds to a stop. Lastly, the power generators, which requires electricity to generate electricity, stops and everything goes down into total darkness. This is called a black out.
Make my own Zero House
Shows the energy consumption of a standard house, check the amount of energy saved with the zero energy technology, and converts the saved amount of energy into costs.
Get Rid of a Nuclear Power Plant
One small thing to save energy at home

- Describe the stand-by power consumption of the electric appliances and demonstrate the amount of power consumption variation

[Human Power] Turn the Wheel

- The visitors turn the wheel for themselves to generate energy

Let's Promise

- Photozone with trick arts

Eco Mileage

- Description on the eco-mileage. Internet membership sign-up. The visitors may add their messages on the guest books.

* What is Eco-Mileage?
A compound word consisted with 'eco' and 'mileage.' A voluntary public program for accumulating the eco-friendliness, through voluntary energy saving at school or work.

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