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2ZONE Energy Dream

1F Energy dream hall(1ZONE, 2ZONE, 3ZONE)
  • 1ZONE Energy Paradigm
  • Think energy, Renewable energy of Seoul, Energy crisis
  • 2ZONE Energy Dream
  • Zero energy building, Zero energy technology, Zero energy monitoring
  • 3ZONE Energy Dream City
  • Black-out, Make your own zero house, Get rid of a nuclear power plant, Our promises
2ZONE Energy Dream
Provides an integrated map of Seoul Energy Dream Center, which is the first-ever energy independent building in Korea. Visitors may check out the zero energy which are used in this building, as well as the eight core technologies that are used in many places within the building.


Zero energy building
Secrets of zero energy - How Seoul Energy Dream Center was built
Seoul Energy Dream Center, the most representative futuristic architectural model with the most advanced energy technology! To realize true energy independence, energy saving plans were established for every applicable technical element. The shortage of the energy can be covered by self-power generation.

Inside the zero energy building
This 1/6 shrunk version of the center helps the visitors understand the technology used in the center from multiple angels.


High efficiency heat insulation system
Looking into the bricks
Provides blown-up images of red bricks, concrete bricks, or blocks.

Insulation performance of the heat insulation materials
Install an experiential model so that the visitors may experience the heat insulation performance of the heat insulation materials.

External heat insulation system
By exhibiting the actual insulation materials used in the building, the exhibit will help the visitors understand the sustainability and flame resistance performance of the materials, in accordance with the best thermal insulation performance.


3-layer window system
Low-E argon three-layer glass system
Install an interactive installation with which the visitors may touch both the three-layer windows and normal windows to compare their thermal transfer rate. An actual three-layer window system is also to be installed as an example.

Normal window - Internal sensor / LED lighting / touch to feel the heat being transferred    Three-layer window - internal sensor / LED lighting / touch to feel that the heat is insulated


External motorized blinds
With a life-size model of the motorized blind installed outside, the visitors may compare the exterior blinds with the interior blinds through thermal image cameras, to appreciate the differences in the heat energy penetration.


Geothermal air-conditioning / heating system
A graphic panel is installed to show the systematic diagram of the geothermal heat pumps applied to the ground and the second floor of the building. And, the visitors may see a video clip in which the air conditioning and heating system is powered through geothermal energy in summer and winter, respectively.

Heating: The thermal energy for heating is provided through the geo-thermal heat pump. Air-conditioning: the required cooling energy is delivered directly to the drill-well heat exchanger (geo-thermal pump).


Waste-heat collection ventilation system
An interactive installation using an actual heat-exchanger in operation, to demonstrate the principles of the ventilation system utilizing the waste heat.

- Show how the ventilation system using the Air exhaust (winter) or the fresh air (summer) recovers the heat.   
- The degree of the heat recovery can be adjusted to switch between air exhaust / fresh air modes.


Automatic lighting control system
An interactive exhibit using the LED lighting system that is automatically controlled based on the height of the sun depending on the season of the year (the summer solstice, the winter solstice).

Comparison of power consumption between a halogen lamp and an LED lamp when the brightness is the same.


Shape of the building
The shape and orientation of the zero energy building
The building is built to face south, while minimizing the exterior surface area and the radiant heat emission. The passive design elements that minimizes energy consumption and environmentally-friendly materials are used in the building.

zero monitoring system
The system that shows the change in the cumulative energy changes and momentary energy changes through real-time monitoring. A system that can view the flow of energy of the Dream Center is established to allow real-time monitoring of the zero energy practice. With this, the visitors may monitor the cumulative energy output in real time, as well as the level of energy consumption on each floor.


Solar power generation system
Solar power generation system
  • 1. The total number of solar panels installed and the annual energy output.
  • 2. Description of the features of each item and the annual energy consumption (Promotion and exhibition halls /community center, lighting, temperature, humidity, ventilation / building operation apparatus).
  • 3. The oil-equivalent of the energy consumption amount by each item which is powered by solar power.

Rain-water recycling system
The open inner court is used to collect the rain water, which is processed and used in the gardens. The description of the rainwater recycling system is provided using a diagram, indicating that the system can also be used as the water ballast in case of a heavy rain.