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3ZONE Energy Dream City

1F Energy dream hall(1ZONE, 2ZONE, 3ZONE)
  • 1ZONE Energy Paradigm
  • Think energy, Renewable energy of Seoul, Energy crisis
  • 2ZONE Energy Dream
  • Zero building, Zero energy technology, Zero energy monitoring
  • 3ZONE Energy Dream
  • Black-out, Make your own zero House, Get rid of a nuclear power plant, Our promises
3ZONE Energy dream city
Experience the world in total darkness yourself to realize how important it is to save energy. Build your own zero house and provide a space of communication and sharing the Get Rid of a Nuclear Power Plant campaign and other energy-saving campaigns.


Black-out experience
  • 1. Check the energy consumption amount of a standard house
  • 2. Application of zero energy technology
  • 3. Check the amount of the energy saving through the zero energy technology
  • 4. Convert the amount of energy into cost


Make your own zero house
Looking into the bricks
Provides blown-up images of red bricks, concrete bricks, or blocks.

Insulation performance of the heat insulation materials.
Install an experiential model so that the visitors may experience the heat insulation performance of the heat insulation materials.

External heat insulation system
By exhibiting the actual insulation materials used in the building, the exhibit will help the visitors understand the sustainability and flame resistance performance of the materials, in accordance with the best thermal insulation performance.


Our promises
Let's promise - photo zone with trick arts
Visit the existing trick-art photo-zone to take a picture of yours taken as you try to pull out the plug to reduce the stand-by power consumption and express your finger gestures as you make a promise to save the energy. Enjoy and have fun taking funny photos.


Energy tree
A souvenir item that is inspired by the pinwheel design of the building, symbolizing the wind power, which is one of the renewable energy elements. The visitors may write down their ideas on saving energies and take the card with them, or display it to others by hanging in the Energy Tree.


The visitors may make inscribe their pledges on saving energy after seeing the entire exhibitions in Seoul Energy Dream Center. 1 set of PC will be installed in order to facilitate and induce the visitors' participating in the Eco-mileage program. The system can be hooked up with the website of the city of Seoul to guide the visitors through the Eco-mileage program signing-up process. (To join Eco-mileage, only internet)


Small ideas at home
Try coming up with your own ideas to save energy with brilliant products, such as a zero-standby-power service plug, a standby-power meter, a solar-powered garden lamp, solar keyboards, or a solar eco-lantern, etc.


Get rid of a nuclear power plant
The get rid of a nuclear power plant project of Seoul is to proliferate the practice of energy saving and energy production so to substitute sufficient power to match a whole nuclear power plant, with a view to increase the self-sufficiency level of the energy.

Why get rid of a nuclear power plant
In 2011, Seoul consumed 10.9% of the entire power in the country. However, the self-sufficiency rate of the entire country is only 2.8%. As you continue practicing energy saving and using renewable energies, as much as 2 million TOE can be saved by the year of 2014, boosting the power self-sufficiency rate from the current 8% in 2014 to 20% in 2020.

ㆍEfforts to revolutionize the energy paradigm

ㆍThe future energy of Seoul = Renewable energy!

- We are laying the foundation for energy self-sufficiency through expanding the production of renewable energy using solar power and hydrogen fuel cells, etc.

ㆍReducing the energy used in building ㆍㆍㆍcan make a lot of differences

- Replacing the lighting with LEDs, using higher-performance insulation materials, and more efficient appliances can contribute to saving the energy used in a building.

ㆍThink of the environment when you drive!

- We are establishing an environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency transportation system including proliferation of car-sharing and promotion of public transportation.

ㆍSaving energy with the citizens

- We practice the culture of low energy consumption, as a part of the citizen-initiated energy saving movement.

ㆍSeoul reborn as a low-energy consumption city!

- The urban spaces of the city will be restructured into a low-energy consumption city, by means of introducing more stringent construction standards and energy quarter system, etc.,

ㆍCreating green jobs

- As the Get Rid of a Nuclear Power Plant campaign goes on, we will create more green jobs in the energy field.


Outro Message
Delivery messages to contemplate upon to help the visitors enhance their awareness on the meaning of the visit and the importance of energy.