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Floor Plan


| Energy Dream Hall1floor.png온라인 투어 영상보기

Visitors will have a chance to recognize the global energy crisis as they go through the exhibitions about conventional and
renewable energies. Also, the meaning of 'Zero Energy' can be experienced through the exhibition of 8 core technologies
adopted for the ZEB. You can experience the new paradigm of energy policy.

ZONE 1 | Energy Dream Hall markBelow02.png 


| ZONE 1 (Energy Paradigm) : Exhibition about New and Renewable Energy


Solar Energy


When you sit on the chairs, moving sensors will turn the lights on and
simulate the Sun. Then you can maneuver the mirrors to reflect and
guide the light to the solar panels on the plane wings above.

Hydro Energy


Playing with water pumps, you can see how the potential energy of
water can be transformed to electrical energy.

Wind Energy


Blowing air into different types of wind turbines, you will think about
whattype of wind turbine is adequate in the real nature.

Bio Energy


Touching the panels, you will see how bio energies can be produced
and used. Find various types of biomass around us.

Geothermal Energy


Playing with a heat pump, you will learn how geothermal energy can
be used for heating and cooling in buildings.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell


A hydrogen fuel cell model shows where we can get hydrogen gas and
how electrical energy is produced in the fuel cell using the supplied
hydrogen fuel.

ZONE 2 | Energy Dream Hall markBelow02.png 

| ZONE 2 (Energy dream) : Exhibition about Zero Energy Building Technologies


Zero Energy Building


1/30 miniature model of the SEDC building shows where the adopted
technologies are applied in the building.

Zero Energy Technology


Exhibitions give information about triple pane and low-emissivity glass
windows, external venetian blinds, geo-thermal pump, slanted walls.
These let you understand the benefits of these technologies.

Zero Energy Monitoring


The Building Energy Management System (BEMS) shows you the
realtime energy use, generation, and storage about the building.
This shows how the Zero-Energy-Building is being operated.
There are screens showing energy storage system (ESS) and
augmented reality of micro-grid.

ZONE 3 | Energy Dream Hall markBelow02.png 



| ZONE 3 (Energy Dream City) : Blackout and Human Energy Experience



You can experience blackout situations in a model train of the Seoul
Subway and in a model livingroom of a home. You will learn about
why blackouts happen and how to prevent them. You can also learn
about safety measures in blackout situations.

One Less Nuclear Power Plant


Reducing unnecessary energy use and energy wasting is the first step
and the most important activity to get energy independence. You will
have a chance to learn about the stand-by power which causes energy

Human Energy


Human body stores energy. Here, you can experience transforming
your energy to electrical energy by riding the bicycle.

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