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Floor Plan


| Seoul Climate Change Learning Hall2floor.png온라인 투어 영상보기

A special exhibition about the global climate change is on the 2nd floor.

The main purpose of this exhibition is to draw attention to climate change issues and inspiring the younger generations to

dream about making a greener world together.

ZONE 1 :
The Earth is unwell

교체이미지) 2F_1존.png

What's happening to the Earth?

ZONE 2 :
Climate change?

서울기후변화배움터 (2).png

How is climate change progressing and what are the causes?

ZONE 3 :
Global efforts?

서울기후변화배움터 (3).png

How is the world responding to climate change?

ZONE 4 :
Seoul City's commitment!


How is the City of Seoul responding to climate change?

ZONE 5 :
What can I do?


Let's think about how I should respond to climate change.


ZONE 6 :
Green jobs!


Let's think about our future and jobs that make our Earth greener.

Wind Theater

바람극장 (1).png

Puppet shows and shadow plays are performed for pre-schoolers and

lower graders of elementary school.

Sunlight Classroom

햇빛교실 (1).png

A classroom for learning programs with capacity of 25 people


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