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Greetings from SEDC


Dear Visitors,


Welcome to the website of the Seoul Energy Dream Center(SEDC).


The SEDC is the first public Zero-Energy-Building (ZEB) in South Korea opened by the city of Seoul in 2012 with the purpose

of making people familiar with the city's eco-friendly energy policies. Being an optim ally operated Zero Energy Building (ZEB),

the SEDC has been presenting the vision of energy independent future as it leads the culture of housing and building in this

era of climate change.


The SEDC is successfully functioning as a learning place for the public as it provides various experiences through its exhibitions

about novel renewable energies and the global climate change. In addition to the exhibitions, the SEDC provides people with

diverse learning programs to share the precious value of natural environment conservation. Since its opening, the SEDC has been

continuously recognized as an outstanding educational facility in the field of environmental conservation in South Korea.

The SEDC promises to be with people in overcoming the confronting climate crisis through successful transition from fossil fuels

to renewable energy sources and efficient energy use. 

The SEDC believes in people's passion and wisdom to make our community and environment better and sustainable.

Thank you for your visit!

The SEDC Team

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