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About the SEDC

| Operational Vision


SEDC is a public space for experiencing a new energy paradigm.

| Goals and Directions

Goal 1. Optimal Operation and Awareness Raising about Zero-Energy-Buildings (ZEB)

  • To optimize the operation of the ZEB and energy management systems
  • To enhance research and networking over ZEB
  • To raise public awareness about renewable energies and ZEBs

Goal 2. Serving as a central institution for public education in Seoul about "Zero Energy" and Climate Change

  • To enhance education programs related to ZEB and the Climate Change
  • To build a process of monitoring, developing and operating educational programs
  • To cultivate 'Energy Citizens' who lead an 'Energy-Independent City'
  • To expand tailoring of programs that are customized for diverse groups of learners
  • To enhance energy education welfare programs

Goal 3. Stepping-up as a landmark of the 'Eco-friendly Energy City Seoul'

  • To establish and implement strategic activities for increasing the public awareness about SEDC
  • To design a place marketing to differentiate the SEDC as a unique landmark
  • To strengthen and familiarize the identity of SEDC exhibitions to the public

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