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About the SEDC


| Operating Status (Current)

Location 14, Jeungsan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea 03901
Facility Size Total Area 3,777㎡, 1 Basement Level and 3 Ground Levels
Designed by Fraunhofer Consortium (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft + Parsons Brinckerhoff inc.)
Established on December 12, 2012
Operations Operating/Maintaining the ZEB, Providing Guided Tours, Hosting Experiential
Learning Programs (ELPs) on Energy and Climate Change
Floor Plan 1F Energy Dream Hall
2F Seoul Climate Change Learning Center, Shadow Theater
3F Community Center (Multi-purpose Room, Book cafe, EXL Room)


| History and Awards received


Nov. 2008~Sep. 2012 Building Construction
Jul. 19. 2012 Certified as First-grade Energy Efficient Building
Oct. 10. 2012 Certified as Second-grade Eco-friendly Building
Dec. 12. 2012 Established Seoul Energy Dream Center (SEDC)
Oct. 05. 2016 Listed as one of the 3 public building finalists at the World GBC Asia-Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards 2016
Nov. 2016 Construction completed on Seoul Climate Change Learning and Exhibition Hallof the 2nd floor
Dec. 28. 2018 Certified as Third-grade Zero-Energy-Building (ZEB3) by the Korean Government, which is the first certification and the highest grade given to an existing building in Korea.
2018 ~ 2019 Completed Solar Play Ground
20Nov. 29. 2018 Built an Energy Storage System (ESS) on the basement floor



ESS System






Solar Playground




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홍보실 뉴스레터 센터리포트 기획연재 홍보자료 자료실
열린 마당 공지사항 채용안내 정보공개 서울소식 전자민원
닫기 그누보드5
14, Jeungsan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Source Korea | Tel : 82-2-3151-0562

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